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Dahi vada
Dahi vada in fast amassing no. but you know this special dish is sooo tasty that i bet you everybody will like it.. this vada is made by sabudana  and its really crunchy and tasty ……

sabudana vada:-
sabudana-1 cup
green chilly-2tsp
green coriander-3 tsp
ginger -1/2 inch
rock salt as per taste

soak sabudana in leveled water overnight or till absorb all the water and swell 
boil and peel potatoes ,mash them properly , add sabudana and all other ingrediants in it and mix well, heat oil in pan for frying make balls out of sabu potato mixture press a little and fry in hot oil on slow flame till golden in color 
you can have these vada like this also with green chutney 
to make dahi vada
curd-1/2 kg
imli ke chatney-
tamarind -200gms
sugar -4 to 5 tbsp
jeera powder-1 tsp
black pepper-1 tsp
rock salt-as per taste
sock tamarind in water , make pulp out of it ,
heat 1 tsp oil in pan add pulp and water in it ,then add sugar and bring it to boil
now add all other ingredients and boil till become thick keep aside 
now in a bowl put two vadas and pour beated curd on it garnish with imli chutny and jeera powder add rock salt and garnish with pomegranate  

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