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Sweet Vermicelli– sweet vermicelli or meethi semiyan is one of my favourites in Indian sweets. This is a quick dessert recipe that is done in less than 20 mins. I often made Sweet vermicelli during festive occasions.

Meethi semiyan is a dessert made with vermicelli, sugar, ghee and nuts. It is a lighter version of semiyan kheer. There are two different ways to make sweet vermicelli, with milk or without milk. Although, I use both ways according to the occasion. personally, I like to make sweet vermicelli without milk. However, I add a little khoa at the end to give this dish an exotic twist.

Ingredients used to make sweet vermicelli :

Vermicelli – meethi semiyan is made with thin whole wheat vermicelli. However, you can use thick vermicelli for your convenience they are easy to handle especially for beginners.

Ghee- I prefer very little ghee and have used pre-roasted vermicelli. If you are using unroasted ones then do fry them in ghee well until they turn deep golden in colour. Do not over roast semiyan otherwise, the flavour will change.

Sugar- Sugar is an essential ingredient for this preparation. I personally never compromise in sweetness. However, you can adjust sugar according to your taste. Using jaggery instead of sugar is again a good idea.

Mawa– Mawa is called milk solid in English. If mawa is not available easily then you can use milk powder instead. It is an optional ingredient I only use mawa on special occasions.

Nuts– I personally love nuts in my desserts and I use them a lot. However, it is absolutely your choice to use or not to use.

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sweet vermicelli is a perfect dessert for any meal you can make this in breakfast too. This is a quick dessert recipe.


  • Vermicelli………1 cup

  • Ghee ………..2 tbsp

  • Sugar……………..5-6 tbsp

  • Water……………2 cup

  • Almonds………..6-7

  • Cashew………….5-6

  • Raisins………….6-7

  • Cardamom powder…..1/4 tsp

  • Mawa……..1/4 cup


  • In a pan mix water and sugar and heat it till sugar dissolves…
  • Heat ghee in a pan add cashew and almonds in it, roast a little, add roasted vermicelli in it, and mix well.
  • Mix sugar syrup in it adds cardamom powder in it and cook till water evaporate and vermicelli turn dry.
  • Sprinkle crushed mawa before you serve. Mix well. Serve hot or cold as you like….garnish sweet vermicelli with coconut curls.


  • Milk- You can add 1/2 cup milk after step 2 if you like to make milk vermicelli
  • Mawa- Mawa is Optional if you want you can omit mawa and add milk powder instead

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