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Basic Indian gravy which we generally use in Indian curries without this we can’t imagine Indian curries  …this post is for all my friends who have just start experimenting in the kitchen .. 


onion -3 medium size
ginger-11/2 inch piece
garlic-10 cloves
green chilli’s-2
tomato puree-1/2 cup
cumin seeds…….1tsp

coriander powder…1tsp
turmeric powder…..1tsp
salt………to taste 
red chilli powder….1tsp
garam masala powder..1tsp

Grind onion,ginger,garlic&green chiili into a paste.
Heat oil in a kadai . add cumin seeds as they begin to change colour add onion paste and cook for five min. on medium heat or till paste separate oil .
Add coriander powder,turmeric powder and salt in it cook for a minute .
Add tomato puree and red chilli powder and cook on medium heat for six to seven minute or till oil separates from the masala .
Add fresh coriander in it and now your basic gravy is ready .
you can use this gravy in any vegetable you want . 

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