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Onion tomato curd dip ( onion tomato raita)

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Indian cuisine is famous for its curd dips called raitas. Today I am sharing an interesting dip. This curd dip or onion tomato raita is very simple to make. This onion tomato curd dip is so crunchy and tasty that you can easily add it to any Indian thali as a side dish.

What is raita?

Raita is an Indian dish made with yoghurt, spice powders herb and vegetables like onion, tomato, cucumber, carrot & potatoes. Indian raita is usually accomplished with biryani, pulao, Chola bhatura or kababs. Most often it is made of fresh veggie & miled spice powder like cumin and black pepper and herbs like mint and coriander.

Raita is generally made to tone down the heat of spicy food like biryani. since curd is cooling it helps to balance the heat of spicy food. curd is digestive too that’s why we usually add a curd dip with all our meals.

Generally, for raita I use homemade curd it is very simple to make homemade curd, you just have to warm milk and then add little curd whey and cover it. Keep it for 4-5 hrs or till curd sets. However, you can use readymade curd also to make raita. Make sure that curd has to be fresh and creamy add water as per the requirement.

Finally, I would like to suggest you some more dip recipes from my blog: Firstly, cucumber and mustard raita from Uttaranchal, secondly, green chutney raita which we often use as a side dish with the famous Chola batura, furthermore any leafy or healthy vegetable can be converted into raita like bathua raita or lauki raita.

Onion tomato curd dip ( onion tomato raita)

Recipe by Minal SharmaCourse: Beginner’s Cookbook


Prep time


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  • 1 onion chopped

  • 1 tomato chopped

  • 2 green chillies

  • Few leaves green coriander

  • 2 cup whipped curd

  • Salt, pepper and chat masala as required


  • like to make this raita with Chola Bhatura’s and biryani, a very simple yet tasty dip for this I took
  • 1 onion and 1 tomato and chopped it finely with 2 green chillies and few leaves of green coriander. 
  • For the raita, I took 2 cups of curd and whisk it properly. I added chopped onion, tomato and green chillies in it and I seasoned it with salt, pepper and chat masala.


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