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Kolkata..A Foodies Paradise…

Bengali cuisine is one of the best among Indian Cuisine.
Kolkata! The city of joy.
When we got posted to Kolkata all my friends told me only one thing. That Kolkata will grow on you and you will get attached to that city. Being in the army, postings and shifting to new places is a regular affair.  I thought, what can be so great about a metro city to change my opinion about big cities? But! Kolkata does that magic.

The Blue and white city! The city’s rich culture, following old as well as new traditions, mesmerising river banks and so forth! Over and above it is a foodies paradise. The more I am exploring the city, the more I am getting attached to it.

Most of my friends from Kolkata told me that bengali cuisine generally has non vegetarian food. As most Bengalis are fish and meat lovers. However, when I explored Kolkata, I found, their veg cuisine is as decorated with tasty dishes as non veg cuisine .

I started my food journey with street food. Phuchka ( panipuri ), dhoi phuchka ,churmur, Aloo Dom with loochi, ghugni, rolls, papari chat ,radhaballavi or kachaori. I can go on and on, so many delicious things to eat. Kolkata’s culture of Tea can be aptly observed by just one visit to this historical place.

Their tea, which comes in different “bhaanr” (earthen cup) sizes is the absolute best , and famous tea stalls called ADDA. No food journey can come to end without mentioning Kolkata sweets …love. The dripping Roshogolla, thick Misti Doi, innumerable varieties of Sandesh, mouthfuls of Rasmalai, unmatched Rajbhog, nol n gur mishti and the sweet Payesh!.

When we talk about the full fledged meal, story gets even more interesting! The Gondhoraj ghol, Begun Bhaja, Motor Shutir kochuri, Cholar Dal, Dhokar Dalna , Aloo Jhinge Posto, Pur Bhora Achari lanka, exquisite Mochar Chop, Potoler Dolma or Pur Bhora Doi Potol. Each dish has its own distinguishing quality. This made me more inquisitive about Bengali cuisine. So I tried a few of them and took my friends’ help to get the authentic bengali taste. I will post all my tried and tested Bengali vegetarian recipes very soon …..love Minal 

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