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Gondhoraj ghol/ Buttermilk flavored with Gondhoraj lemon

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Gondhoraj ghol 
Starting Bengali cuisine veg recipes with a very tasty yet healthy drink Gondhoraj ghol …..Gondhraj Ghol marked a special place in my list because of its simplicity and flavour.
This is a light yogurt based drink flavoured with Gondhoraaj lebu/lemon and topped with zest of lebu .Gondhoraj lebu/lemon has a very subtle aroma. It is very widely used by bengolis , a little dash of its juice adds lot of flavor to any dish, or even to normal daal rice. Now -a days a variety of dishes are made using this lime. Gondhoraj Veg curry,
 gondhoraaj lebu patta diye daal ( dal with gondhoraj lime leaf), etc, and yes! its leaf also has equally great flavor  Its flavor is very similar to Kafir lime, which is widely used in Thai cuisine.Ghol is basically a bengali version of lassi, only it is thinner in consistency and lighter on the stomach too.
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Buttermilk with Gondhoraj lemon
Gondhoraj ghol
It is very simple to make Gondhoraj Ghol you just have to follow this step by step recipe …
Thick plain yogurt    200ml
 Ice cold water (as chilled as possible)  300ml
Sugar as per taste (2-3 tablespoons)
Zest of  gondhoraj lebu / lemon      1/2 lemon

cumin powder   1/4 tsp

Gondhoraj lemon leaf ( finally shredded)  1/4 tsp

Tiny pinch of black salt
    1. In the blender add the yogurt, sugar, water, cumin powder, pinch of black salt and zest of gandhoraj lebu.
    2. Just blend everything together. Pour into the glasses and chill them before serving.
    3. Add some more lemon- zest  and leaf shred on the top of the ghol for a stronger taste
                                                It tastes divene!! Perfect for summers.


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