Hydrabadi cuisine

Hyderabadi Cuisine || Strait From Hyderabad

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Hyderabadi cuisine is straight from Hyderabad.

A big hello from Secunderabad to all my friends and followers. So we got a post out from Calcutta to Secunderabad one foodie paradise to another. However, I am sure you all are very much aware of the lip-smacking, delicious, flavorful Biryani of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is ruled by nizams, you can see the influence of the spices and taste of that in the food also called Deccani cuisine. South India is famous for its spices, you can feel the freshness and fragrance of the spices in their food through Hyderabadi cuisine. Moreover, The food was mostly meat-oriented being grilled and fried in tandoor. The curry was highly seasoned and flavoured by using spices. Fruits were preferred rather than dessert after the main course. I will definitely figure out some nice vegetarian dishes out of it. But we have plenty of desserts to try with khubani ka meetha, double ka meetha, sheer khurma, and ya how can we miss faluda and firni. Tuned up for all the new recipes of Hyderabadi cuisine Ta. Da

So, It’s been a year in Hyderabad now. I got to know so many dishes about this cuisine. In fact, I tried almost all of them and shared most of them with you all to enjoy The Hyderabadi Cuisine.

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