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Today I am sharing a very tasty, flaky and crispy Indian flatbread/ paratha. I call this paratha a crispy masala paratha. However, you can call it Chur-Chur Paratha as it is very similar to chur-chur naan or lachcha paratha. The only difference is, that the crunchiness of this parantha is much more than a lachcha paratha or a chur-chur naan.

Usually, I make this paratha for my daughters for brunch or for their small evening food cravings. They used to call it ‘matti palatha’ aka Mathri Paratha when they were kids. This Paratha goes best with any Indian curry, paneer dish or even with a pickle. Or you can just eat it plain!

Since my husband is in the Army we have to move a lot. In such situations, where there is minimum to no resources or vegetables available, these Parathas are true saviours! These also come in handy while travelling long distances by road or by train. They are mess-free and easy to eat. Not just that, Chur Chur Parathas are extremely delicious and full of energy.

Previously, I had shared a variety of parathas in my blog. Must visit my blog category Roti /Parathas where you will find recipes like:

Prep Time15 mins
Active Time10 mins
Total Time1 hr 15 mins
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian
Keyword: Indian flaky bread, Indianbreads, paratha
Yield: 4 paratha
Author: Minal Sharma


  • It is very simple to make paratha as only four thing required to make it..
  • Mixing Bowl – To prepare dough, you can use any deep pan or bowl for this.
  • Rolling pin & Rolling Board (chakla-Belan)- To roll the paratha, rolling pin is very important to make roti or parathas or any flatbread. For Rolling board you can use any flat and clean surface like marble piece or wooden board.
  • Griddle ( Tawa)- To cook the paratha, I generally use Non stick Griddle to make parathas as i want to use less oil, Though, you can use any available griddle.
  • Spatula and Tongs – To handle hot parathas.


  • 1 cup Whole Wheat flour
  • 1 cup All purpose flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp ajwain
  • 3 Tbsp oil/ghee
  • ¼ cup milk
  • 1 pinch baking powder
  • water as required

For Garnishing

  • 2 Tbsp Ghee
  • ¼ tsp chilli powder
  • ¼ tsp chaat masala
  • coriander to sprinkle


  • The only tricky part to make this flaky crunchy paratha is pleating. Though, it is not very difficult with practice you will achieve the desire result.

To Make Dough

  • firstly, in a large mixing bowl, take maida and wheat flour.additionally, add salt, sugar, baking soda and oil. Mix well.
  • Texture should look like breadcrumbs, crumble well with your hands,now add milk and start to knead
    making mathri
  • add water as required and knead to smooth and soft dough.
  • Making Mathri
  • Cover with moist cloth or a cling film and rest for 30 minutes

To Make Paratha:

  • Firstly, pinch a large sized ball dough, dust with some wheat flour.
  • Roll it into a thin circle as of chapati. roll as thin as possible.
  • Grease the chapati with oil and sprinkle wheat flour over it
  • Now start creating pleats by folding with the help of fingers
  • stretch the pleated dough as much as possible
  • Begin to roll the pleated dough like a roll.
  • secure the end by pressing gently.
  • take the rolled ball and dust with some wheat flour and start rolling to a thin circle.
  • Take Griddle/tawa and place the rolled paratha
  • after a minute flip off and cook the other side, once the golden brown spots start appearing on both sides grease with oil.
  • Flip and roast both sides.
  • Mix 2 tbsp of ghee with chilli and chat masala and spread over the paratha,Then crush the paratha to form layers.
  • finally, serve immediately with paneer dish or any curry of your choice.
    churchur paratha


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