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Hara Namak- A Green Salt

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Hara Namak || Harbal Salt || Green Salt

Hara Namak or green garlic salt! The first time I ate this delicious salt was at my friends place and I was blown away! Salt is salt what a big deal, you may ask! Yes it is salt, but it is salt packed with flavour of mint, garlic, coriander and chilli . It enhance the taste of fruits, salad, roasted peanuts and why more!

It’s origin lies in Garhwali cuisine or Pahadi cuisine, It is very famous in Garhwal, kumaon and himachal as well. In fact, when i was traveling to Uttar Pradesh I saw akin there also, one of the peanut vendor was giving this salt with peanuts in ‘pudiya’. where it is made as a coarsely pounded accompaniment and more like a dry chutney.

Traditionally, You have to coarsely pound fresh coriander, garlic, fresh mint leaves and green chillies together in mortar pestle or use the pulse action of your chopper instead! Cover with about 2 cups of salt, and lay out in the sun. As the salt gets absorbed in the juices of the mix, keep sprinkling salt in progressive 50 gms installments till the combined action of the sun n salt makes the mix completely dry. This process takes 4-5 days or even more…depending on the climate and the intensity of the sun. However, I used the other easier method, i dehydrate the salt on gas stove on low flame.

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Hara Namak- A Green Salt

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Green salt or Hara namak is a very popular Pahadi Salt Packed with the flavor of mint, garlic and chillies. This traditional salt is so tasty that you can sprinkle to enhance the flavour of your salads, raita and even in curries.


  • Hing 1/2 tsp

  • Fresh coriander leaves 1 cup

  • Fresh mint 1 cup

  • Green Chilli- 8-9

  • kosher salt 2 cups

  • Garlic peeled – 250 grams


  • Put fresh coriander, garlic, fresh mint leaves and green chillies together in a mixer and grind it by using pulse action.
  • Take it out from the mixer and add salt in it.salt
  • Heat a pan and roast this mixture on low heat till dry.
  • You can dehydrate the salt in microwave also for that microwave on micro low for 5 min. keep stirring in between otherwise it will burn
  • you can do it in oven too. Bake it at 180° c for about 5 min.

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