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Midnight Snacks

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These snacking options are for those Midnight Snack cravings, that all of us are slaves to. Although, midnight snacks are supposed to be unhealthy but, I have prepared these snacks as healthy as possible. However, a few skills that every amateur chef should know are, Basic cooking: How to make sandwiches, pasta, Maggi with a little difference, Kathi rolls, to One pot meals and also, microwave cooking.

when I started cooking, there was a lot of trial and error (I nearly burnt down my house by putting a frozen pizza pocket in a searing-hot pan of oil once), a lot of wasted ingredients (you can’t eat pizza pockets that are burnt on the outside but frozen solid in the middle), and by added salt instead of sugar in halwa. Many hours were spent watching cooking shows to pick up invaluable tips and tricks.

Over the years, this self-imposed practice has turned me into a competent, capable cook. I understand, that you may not have the time or interest to cook as I do. That’s OK. It’s not for everyone. However, you should know how to make yourself at least a few meals that don’t come out of the microwave or magically appear on your doorstep.

You can easily Learn These Simple Cooking Skills, Here are some of the best Midnight Snacks ideas which will help you to fill your tummy in crises. Moreover, these snacks are quick too.