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Beginner’s Cookbook


Beginners Cookbook is a collection of tried and tested easy to cook recipes with step by step picture instructions. Thus, these are best for people who are learning how to cook.

Additionally, these recipes contain simple ingredients, taste delicious, and make you want to give yourself a pat on the back once you’re done making them.

Truly, some of the best Indian dishes are those that are kept simple. Therefore, I have devised these easy Indian recipes that are perfect for you. These work best if you are an at-home cook or want to cook something in a jiffy. Just one bite of any of these dishes, and you’ll be a fan. Enjoy the Beginners Cookbook..

Daal Khichadi

Daal Khichadi- One Pot Meal

Daal Khichadi is made with rice and lentils, khichdi is healthy, wholesome and good for you! This recipe is also gluten-free.