SAGO DUMPLINGS IN YOGERT /sabudana dahi vadas

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vret ke dahi bade

VRET / FASTING and dahi vada…..intrusting right yes you can eat this yummmy dahi vada in vret or fast also very simple to make and very exotic taste..

ingredeants :-
for vada:_
sabudana/sago…….1 cup(socked for at least 1 hr)
roasted peanuts…..3 tbsp( crushed)
green chilly……….2 (finally chopped)
green coriander….3tbsp(chopped)
boiled potatoes…..4(mashed properly)
for curd/yogert :-
2 cup of curd…….beaten properly
2 tsp……sugar
rock salt as per taste
jeera(cumin powder)….1 tsp
black pepper…….1/2 tsp
for imli / tamarind chutny:-
Imli or tamarind ……1/2 cup(soaked in one cup of water)
you can use tamarind paste also but some time they use common salt to preserve it so for vret u can avoid this..
juggary or gur…….1/2 cup
rock salt as per taste
cumin powder….1/2 tsp
if you are not fasting than you can use red chilly powder also
method is very simple just follow these steps :-

for vada’s / dumplings :-

Add all the ingredients and mix well . make  6 small round balls “tikki’s” out of it. keep aside .
take oil for frying in a wok and heat it …. add one tikke at a time and fry till golden brown ….these golden sabu tikkies are so yumm that you can have it like a snack also accomplish with green coriander chutney .

for curd/ yogert :-

Beat curd well . add all masala’s in it and sugar as well beat again till sugar mix properly

for chutney :
Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan add cumin seeds in it and add tamarind pulp in it with water and juggary , salt and pepper, jeera powder cook till mixture turn thick remove from fire and cool.
now take vada/dumplings  in a bowl crush it a little add curd on top and chutney at last now if you want you can garnish it with pomegranate seeds and ginger Juliants…..serve cool and enjoy  

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